Who We Are

Before you set out on a mission to develop the 5-Star Retirement Plan, you must first learn a thing or two about today’s financial professionals.

About W.A. Smith Financial

At W.A. Smith Financial, our advisors are fiduciaries who operate under a fee-based platform. We specialize in retirement and income planning for retired individuals and those within five to 10 years from retirement. Investment advisory services offered through Great Lakes Retirement, Inc., a registered investment advisor.

What is The Fiduciary Standard?

An advisor operating under the fiduciary standard must present, by law, the “best advice” he/she can give, taking into consideration the needs, wants and objectives of the individual.  The client’s needs and personal objectives must come first. Typically, most fiduciary advisors are paid a quarterly fee calculated as a percentage of the assets for which he/she is providing advisory services (not commissions).

Your Financial Planning Team

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William "Bill" Smith


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Jarrett Lang

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Wealth Advisor

Willie Lauer

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