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How to Help Avoid Struggling with Caregiver Burnout

By W.A. Smith Financial | August 15, 2017

Serving as a caregiver for a loved one can be a wonderful thing. It often allows ill or disabled individuals to remain in their own home, surrounded by familiar surroundings. However, it can often take a toll on the person providing care, and can sometimes lead to the caregiver feeling depleted or exhausted. This feeling…

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Tips for Bargain Hunters

By W.A. Smith Financial | August 8, 2017

For many of us, retirement means living on a fixed income, and that often means making a budget and watching expenses. One way to help stay on budget is to shop for the best prices on items that fall within our discretionary income budget. According to Consumer Reports, even though consumers can now buy just…

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Expenses That Come With Caring

By W.A. Smith Financial | August 4, 2017

We spend our lives caring for others — at least if we’re lucky. One of the greatest treasures in life is having people, causes and pets to care for. Unfortunately, caring for others can have its challenges, including additional stress and financial burdens. Sometimes we get so caught up in making money that we don’t…

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7 Key Milestone Ages Toward Your Retirement

By W.A. Smith Financial | March 1, 2017

Certain birthdays are more important than others on the road to retirement, and they may arrive sooner than you think.

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Improve Your Physical and Financial Fitness

By W.A. Smith Financial | August 1, 2016

Whether you’re focusing on your body or your budget, a holistic approach can help you feel better and live better.

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